F the Shoulds. Do the Wants: Get Clear on Who You Are, What You Want, and Why You Want It.


Pause and ask yourself, “What do I want?”—forget what you have been told about what you “should” do or be—what do you want?

You have no idea how much the shoulds are running your life, holding you back, and making you question your worth on a daily basis. Tricia Huffman didn’t—until she committed to eliminating all shoulds from her life.  In F THE SHOULDS. DO THE WANTS, Tricia takes you on her journey of uncovering the deep-rooted implications of the word should and helps you gain the self-awareness that this simple, yet effective one word swap gave her.

She shows how the word should consciously and unconsciously weighs on us in our daily language, thoughts, and beliefs and teaches how by shifting shoulds into wants, you will:
* Recognize the “shoulds” that are at the root of your doubts, fears, resentment, and shame.
* Call out the BS stories you create and believe about yourself.
* Stop beating yourself up over the “should haves” and what already happened.
* Build a direct line to your intuition and integrity.
* Cut out your excuses and procrastination.
* Embrace, heal, and own who you are fully each day.

Stop shoulding all over yourself and learn how to listen to what it is that you truly want and feel ! By focusing on this one word, you will give yourself a direct line to what truly matters to you—and live your most present, aligned, and alive life.

Author: Tricia Huffman


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