F*ck Being Humble



Whether it is through our parents, our education, our bosses, our colleagues, or the media we consume, we are constantly told that being humble is essential to our professional success. It’s often seen as distasteful or arrogant to shout about our achievements. But in a modern workplace, where the conventional, steady, linear career path is becoming rarer and rarer, this advice seems ever-more obsolete.

With simple exercises, steps and real-life examples, this is a resource for your bedside table that you can come back to again and again, at any point in your career. Learn how to:

  • Know what you stand for

  • Stop hiding (even when you don’t realise you are)

  • Fully realise the power of networking

  • Know your self-worth

  • Play the money game and win

  • Manage your emotions at work

  • Take action and establish the right time to make the leap

  • Keep the momentum you’ve generated going and maintain that elusive work-life balance

Author: Stefanie Sword-Williams


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