Fighting Forward: Your Nitty-Gritty Guide to Beating the Lies That Hold You Back


Fighting Forward is the empowering anthem you need to take the next small step to a better life. 

At the darkest point of a life-altering depression, Hannah Brencher took a silver marker and labeled a composition book “Fight Song.” In that little notebook, she poured hope-filled truths and affirmations, knowing that one day, she–and you–would need a reminder to stay in the fight. Drawn from those glow-in-the-dark words, Fighting Forward is your empowering invitation to show up, claim hope, and take back your life one small win at a time.

Popular blogger, viral TED Talk speaker, and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, Hannah shares personal stories of developing daily rhythms and sustainable faith in a culture of hustle. With a heap of hope for those who long to move from anxiety and fear into action steps, the power-ballad essays in this book will encourage you to savor the milestones you’ve already reached, root yourself in the next small step, welcome healthy routines into your day, and apply grace like sunscreen in the process of your own becoming.

Fighting Forward champions the truth that each song starts with a single note. With trust and a little time, each note and every small step adds up to a victorious anthem of showing up to this life and staying in the fight to become who God made you to be.

Author: Hannah Brencher


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