I Just Haven’t Met You Yet: Finding Empowerment in Dating, Love, and Life


I Just Haven’t Met You Yet is a modern-day journey of the heart. Forty-something author Tracy Strauss offers her journey to dismantle the effects and stigmas of an abusive past, break free of destructive relationship patterns, and ultimately conquer her fear of truly being seen by the world, flaws and all.

She shares the transformative lessons she learned and self-empowerment she achieved while passing each hurdle along the way to finding the love of her life. Topics include:

  • First Boyfriend
  • Teenage Love
  • On the Advice of Married Friends: Getting Cultured
  • First Impressions: Speed Dating
  • How to Fall in Love Without Really Trying
  • Necessary Losses
  • Sex Drive
  • Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
  • Chemistry
  • Womanhood
  • Cats Aren’t Kids
  • The Power of Love
  • Good Luck to Me: My 1,000th Adventure in Online Dating
  • My Dating Life Is Not Doomed
  • And more!

Tracy helps readers empower themselves by taking a challenging look at the ways the negative events of their lives, including sexual harassment and abuse, have shaped their self-perception and created obstacles to personal success, and how readers can change that troubled self-image along with their (love) lives.

This is a story about taking big risks, changing old habits and beliefs about dating, and speaking back to the naysayers, especially that internal critic, the inner love saboteur. It is a prime mover and the only epistolary memoir cum dating/relationship essay book of its kind

Author: Tracy Strauss


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