My Toxic Husband: Loving and Breaking Up with a Narcissistic Man: Symptoms of a narcissistic person. How to Start Your Psychopath-free Life Now! Based … of narcissists (Narcissist Survivor Book 1)


Do you suspect that your partner is a narcissist? YOUR STORY is my story!

Let me draw for you a portrait of a narcissistic monster. In the beginning, narcissistic partners are usually very captivating. They seem to be the men with this “big,” strong personality. They shine. They’re charming, and they can easily make you feel special, adored, and super attractive.

So, where’s the hook?

With time, you discover the truth. Just like I did.
With time, your partner – the one who was supposed to be THE ONE – turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

People with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) are horrible partners.

They act as if they are always right and their partner is wrong or incompetent.
They’re extremely concentrated on themselves, and they require a lot of attention and appreciation.
They will perceive their partner as a source of satisfying their own needs.
Highly critical of others but hypersensitive to the slightest form of criticism or rejection.
They have trouble with really loving someone because they don’t love themselves.

How does it feel for a woman to be with a narcissistic man?

Narcissist’s moods swing wildly, from smothering you with love to hurling insults.
He will provide you with a daily, emotionally draining rollercoaster.
Narcissist’s ideal prey is a person who is self-sacrificing; one who suppresses their needs, who do not openly and assertively express them.
With time, a narcissist will successively create a relationship based on toxic emotional codependency.

This book will help you understand mental abuse techniques (like gaslighting, projection, and others) that are traits of narcissistic personality disorder. It will describe what a narcissistic person is like, the signs of mental abuse, and much more.

I know all about loving a narcissistic man because I went through it. This book tells the story of my relationship (and my divorce) with my narcissistic husband.

I understand how difficult it is to come to terms with being in a toxic relationship. How heartbreaking it feels when someone you thought you would grow old with turned out to be extremely selfish, manipulative, devoid of empathy, and jealous.

Just like you, I experienced being in a relationship in which you feel inferior, criticized, manipulated, and lonely, but you can’t find the strength to draw back and stand for yourself. You blame yourself and begin to lose trust in your own judgments.

In this book, you will discover the following about toxic relationships:

  • How the charming narcissist can fool you into believing you’ve found your ideal partner;
  • The warning signs of an emotionally abusive man;
  • The typical way that narcissistic personality disorder manifests;
  • How to plan to break up with a narcissistic partner;
  • What to do if you’re divorcing a toxic husband.

“It was a real eye-opener and I pray that people will read this book and spot the narc before they get involved.” Goodreads

“The honesty of this book takes you in the right from the start.” – Goodreads

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for you to keep living a life of an emotionally abused woman.

You don’t have to suffer in silence or shame anymore.

I truly believe my story can guide you on how to free yourself from this toxic codependency.

Don’t spend another moment suffering from narcissistic abuse -it’s not worth it.

A narcissist-free life is a life filled with peace of mind, self-love, assertiveness, and self-trust. It’s a life worth fighting for!

Author: Elena Miro


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