One for Sorrow, Two for Joy


It’s hard to plan your future when the ghosts of the past won’t leave you alone…

Stella tries very hard to be good. She tries not to be sassy, to answer back, to be noticed. Because when Stella’s father is angry, it’s like lightning and thunder and hailstones. All she can do is touch wood… or search for magpies. Two for joy.

But as Stella begins to build a new life, her past still haunts her. It will take all her grace, courage and love to heal her wounds and break free.

Set against a backdrop of London and Ghana, Marie-Claire Amuah has produced an unforgettable exploration of intergenerational trauma. Brimming with compassion, One for Sorrow, Two for Joy offers both a sensitive portrayal of the ripple effects of domestic violence, and a defiant story of friendship, resilience and hope.

Author: Marie-Claire Amuah


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