Queenology is the follow up to R.C Blakes’ most popular book and timeless message, The Father Daughter Talk. One might call it the sequel. In the Father Daughter Talk he diagnoses the condition of a generation of women who are suffering from a deep father wound and the implications on their choices and self esteem. If the Father Daughter Talk is a diagnosis, QUEENOLOGY is the prescription. In this book (QUEENOLOGY), he expands his message to the woman to the next dimension. He boldly declares that every woman is a queen and in spite of her broken history, royalty is her destiny. Queenology offers the woman insights and principles for reigning in spite of the odds being against her. Queenology is as a king sitting down with queens and saying this is who you are and here’s how you do it. Queenology is R.C. Blakes’ answer to a generation of queens who’ve not been informed of their true station yet. In the book he discusses such principles as: Queens manage emotion, Queens study kings, Queens are financially savvy, Queens maximize their potential, Queens eliminate insecurity and negativity, Queens possess presence, Queens only hear kings, and Queens keep a royal circle. Queenology is a manual for the modern queen. It is for the woman who is ready to fix her crown, take her throne and expand her empire.

Author: R.C. Blakes Jr.


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