Shit I Say to Myself : 40 Ways to Ditch the Negative Self-Talk That’s Dragging You Down


It’s time to break up with your toxic mind.Have you ever had thoughts that drag you down, rather than lift you up? Thoughts that make you feel hopeless and stuck? You’re far from alone. Many people struggle with negative thoughts about themselves–and the world. But if your unrepentant ruminations are getting in the way of living your life, it’s time to tell your toxic mind to cut the crap. It’s time to stand up to your inner critic. And it’s time to show negative thoughts the door–once and for all.Written by a psychotherapist and grounded in proven-effective mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the irreverent, no-nonsense approach in this snarky–yet hopeful–guide will help you “ghost” your negative thoughts, put an end to toxic self-talk, and start living like a badass, with all the positivity and confidence needed to reach your goals.Over time, negative self-talk can lead to more than just a pessimistic outlook on life. It can destroy your confidence; damage your relationships; and lead to anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental health conditions. It’s time to say, enough! This little book will give you the tools–and the courage–you need to tell your toxic mind to f*ck off for good.

Author: Katie Krimer


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