Single for a Season: How to Be Single and Happy—A Guide for Christian Singles


Why is it so difficult to find the perfect partner? Is God preventing me from finding that special someone for a reason? Is there something wrong with me? Will I ever meet someone—or am I going to remain single forever?

Perhaps as a Christian single, you’ve asked yourself some or all of these questions—and you’re not alone. The good news is that God has a plan for you.

Author David Brühlmann tackles these questions head-on in his honest, heartfelt book, Single for a Season. Through his own challenges as well as the stories of twelve other Christian singles, Brühlmann reveals profound insights so that you may find peace, inspiration, and meaning during this season of your life.

Single doesn’t need to be lonely. Instead of wasting time on what-ifs and should’ve-beens, Single for a Season will help you:

•Dispel myths about the single life—and why you’re still single

•Experience true joy, satisfaction, and contentment in being single

•Find your God-given purpose as a single

•Deepen your relationship with Him

•Take key action steps to change your life right now

By demonstrating how living as a Christian single not only builds up God’s kingdom but also leads to a life of satisfaction and purpose, you’ll discover a new passion for your life, regardless of relationship status. Single for a Season will help you make the shift from the impatience and anxiety that comes from waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right, to living a life filled with purpose and passion.

From step-by-step exercises and real-life stories that help you implement the concepts presented, to additional resources and insightful questions to consider, this is the perfect book for any single wanting to live a fulfilling life—or for your next Bible study. Start your journey today and make this time one of the most exciting, meaningful seasons of your life.

Author: David Brühlmann


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