The Father Daughter Talk: The Most Important Conversation of Your Life


The FATHER DAUGHTER TALK is the response of a father and pastor to what has become a generation of credulous women. Many women are conditioned and manipulated by a perverted male society and are relegated to acquiescing to positions of sexual objectivity. The premise is that because the presence of functional fathers is less and less, today, young girls are growing into womanhood without the benefits of having had a father’s guidance and instruction. No one has taught them about how to live in a male dominated society. Since this is the case, women are learning many of the vital lessons through trial and error as opposed to the safety of paternal instruction. When a woman learns certain life lessons through experience, which she should have simply been taught by her father, it leaves her broken and bitter in most cases.
The Father Daughter Talk addresses, in detail, a series of subjects that every daughter should have had the benefit of learning at the feet of a caring, protective and loving father. The Father Daughter Talk subsidizes the lack of fatherly guidance in the lives of many young women who need answers to the many questions relative to social and relational pitfalls.
It addresses the importance of a woman dressing herself to reflect values and character. It deals with the tragedy of a woman using her body, sexually, as a means to generate love. It discusses, in language that only a father would use, the tricks of men and the games they play. The Father Daughter Talk is a candid, direct and passionate discourse of a father attempting to educate his daughters to the snares of society and how to live as Christian women in a godless culture

Author: R.C. Blakes Jr.


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